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Our services range of many

... from full length productions, to small party productions, to voice overs, to web services. See below & click on an event in order to render what suits you best & to get started making awesome memories....


Commercials / Professional ads

Business Presentations/Company Portfolios

Church Baptismal (baby & adult)

Birthday parties




Bar Mitzvah's & Bat Mitzvah's



First Day of School &/or School Plays

Family Reunions

MOST POPULAR and our trademark... are our LIFELINE productions!! (see below)




SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO INTRODUCTIONS... are short 10-15 second videos to be used on such sites as ....



These 'video intros' will be the perfect way to distinguish you from others on social media.  They also add a personal touch catered to  YOU and YOUR VIDEOS... Whether your videos are about cooking, sports, drama, stage, or just blogging and video diarys... they are YOU - announcing YOU - making sure your videos are BRANDED as YOU!  For more information and/or to see more samples -


Have you ever been to a concert, play, or special event... and all of a sudden.. the lights dim, and the announcer proceeds to anounce that nights act??  Or watch a Late Night tv show and hear the phrase... heeeeeeeeerrreeees so-and-so??? ... This is much the exact SAME....


I take a look at your social networking page and then will bounce ideas off you to create the perfect video intro ... to put at the beginning of your own videos.  It's a view of you and what your about.  This will welcome your audience with a greeting, as it announces YOU.. the star of your show.  It solidifies YOU.. with your AUDIENCE.

No matter what your channel/videos are about.. A great 'INTRODUCTION VIDEO' that represents YOU just looks better & keeps folks coming back every time!!

Let us create one for you that is UNIQUELY YOU!!  ONLY $15.00 per introduction video!


These video intro's are a flat fee of $20.00, and are a GREAT way to connect with your audience, whilst, promoting yourself!  If you'd like to see more examples or have more questions... please contact me - and I will be more than happy to give you more info.  contact Nudo Entertainment, so I can start doing your video introduction, branding you to the top of the video social media scene!

Production Services

We have YOUR next big event covered.. click below, on the icon of

your event to learn more.. we look forward to hearing from you!

Amongst the BIGGEST turns in life.. When two become one.. We delight in celebrating your BIG day.. Leave the memories captured - to us!!

An important rite of passage in any Jewish boy or girls life.. Let us capture the moment & join with you in this awesome custom of celebration!!  We will be honored!

You have worked your fanny off for 12 long years to get to this point of fulfilling this commission of education.. We would be honored to capture the day for you/your graduate!!

We LOVE parties!!  Everyone having fun and NO shortage of GREAT sound bytes.  Let us capture the party for you to relive over & over!!

Websites - whether for business or pleasure - cultivate your cause & make known your self & or business views.. A catchy, unique, & well displayed website.. means EVERYTHING.  Let us make a website or graphics, as unique as you are!!

Business presentations are IMPORTANT to the business minded.. Let us do the work in creating a video presentation that stands out as unique as you are!

Baptisms, whether of dedication of your newborn or your own life to God, are a very important moment in the life of a believer. We want to celebrate with you by capturing this Holy moment!

An important day in the life of any couple, whether married or not!

Let us capture the day for you and your signifigant other.. putting it on DVD for you both to relive anytime you want!!

The ultimate gathering that brings families together to get caught up and celebrate the time together and your DNA..  We would love to celebrate with you & capture the day!!

An exciting albeit emotional day for the parent & the child.. A child's 1st turn into the responsibility of life in a sense.  A day that should be captured on film to celebrate years after & we would LOVE to capture the moment for you & your child!

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