The Warner Brothers Story ~ Convo with Cass

a TONY NUDO film





Twas an era of fascination... the dawn of filmmaking, and Harry, Abe, Sam, & Jack, were amongst the tops leading the charge.. in the formation.. of the leader in entertainment... Uhm.... Harry, Abe, Sam, & Jack.... WARNER, that is!  ....

The inspirational story of four brothers from an immigrant family .. who had a dream and stopped at nothing to attain that dream .. the result - was Warner Brothers ...


The story is told in a phone conversation by the eldest Warner brothers granddaughter.  Among the most inspirational stories you will ever hear!  color / appx time 34mins


Directed, produced, arranged, narrated, & edited by Tony Nudo

Script supervision & interviewee .. Cass Warner


a Nudo Entertainment production

extra footage provided by Warner Sisters Productions

Many thanks to:
Cass Warner-Sperling
Jeff Landcaster
Michael Wu
Jenn Melton

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